Sharing Your Hunting Land



Minnesota’s Brent Marxhausen is a hard working guy – he has scrimped and saved his pennies over the years.  Brent has sacrificed many fancy vacations, shiny sports cars, and shopping mall splurges in order to save enough money to buy his very own hunting land.  With two kids expressing interest in the outdoors (their son, Jacob, is pictured above with his very first deer), Brent and his wife, Michelle, chose to dump all of their savings into some rural ground in southeastern Minnesota.  After years of searching for the perfect property, the Marxhausen’s finally found a little piece of heaven along a remote gravel road.  Mission accomplished – their dreams came true and they could finally enjoy their private land with their family.  Prescribed burnings, forestry work, tree plantings, and trail maintenance improved their property over time until it became a wildlife paradise.  Sweat equity became routine behavior for the Marxhausen family over the years and their hunting property benefited greatly.  Having achieved the pinnacle of wildlife success, the average person would not begrudge the Marxhausen family for keeping it all to themselves.  After all, they earned every bit of it.

This is where the story takes a turn… Brent and Michelle decided that their hard work was meant to be shared.  They decided to open their hunting land to some extended family members including Brent’s nephew, Matthew (pictured below with his 2015 buck harvested on the Marxhausen property).




Brent and Michelle decided to “give back” even more by mentoring a youth hunter from a local non-hunting family.  As a great example to all landowners blessed enough to own hunting ground, the Marxhausen’s invited a young man, Brandon, to hunt with them a few years ago.  Lots of close calls and a few missed shots later, Brandon finally connected on a tender young buck in 2015 that would fill his family’s freezer.




Sharing their family’s hunting land with Matthew and Brandon proved to be major highlights for Brent and Michelle.  And their selfless behavior serves as a great reminder to all landowners; if God blesses you with it, don’t be afraid to share it!  Thank you Brent and Michelle for guiding our youth hunters and for leading them by example!