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Scent Crusher Travel Closet

I typically don’t hunt much before the 25th of October. This means I spend quite a bit of time dialing in everything and ramping up scouting efforts while I wait for the perfect opportunity to hunt my target buck. Today I focused on my scent control. Washing all my gear in Scent Crusher Laundry Detergent… Read more »

Scent Crusher Summer Trail Camera Tactics

Want to learn some of the tricks from one of the best at getting giants in front of his trail cameras?? There is a big difference between getting one pic of them and keeping them coming back time and time again. Great info.

Dawn’s First Buck

Dawn goes out during Iowa’s early muzzleloader season in search of her very first deer. Watch More:

Scent Crusher Turkey Tip

Quentin Sturm goes in depth on ways to apply Scent Crusher during turkey season.

Kansas Bucks at Scent Crusher Ranch

**ABOUT US** Above the Game provides viewers with a high quality production that has a very unique cinematic twist. Throughout this series we dig deep into the souls of each hunter and paint a clear picture of each pro-staff member so viewers get the opportunity to understand, relate, and become part of the hunt. Above… Read more »