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Sharing Your Hunting Land

  Minnesota’s Brent Marxhausen is a hard working guy – he has scrimped and saved his pennies over the years.  Brent has sacrificed many fancy vacations, shiny sports cars, and shopping mall splurges in order to save enough money to buy his very own hunting land.  With two kids expressing interest in the outdoors (their son, Jacob,… Read more »

Drop-Tine Dudley

  Stories about drop-tine bucks are as uncommon and rare as their namesake.  “Drop-Tine Dudley” was one such buck who graced 5 of our hunting seasons with his presence.  We had no idea that non-typical genetics existed in our hunting spot until 2010 when we got a great photo of Dudley just before he shed his velvet.  Notice… Read more »

Opening Weekend Minnesota

This past Saturday was the opener for the Minnesota bow season. For us we seen some deer but not the bucks were were after. A few of the bucks still having their velvet. Even though we didn’t see the bucks we were after it was still a productive weekend getting out in the woods, making… Read more »

Archery Is Here

Packed all the gear last night and will be hitting the stand this evening. In the past, the early part of archery has been slow for me with the crops still in the field but I still enjoy being in the woods.  Attached image is an older buck that is new to this specific trail… Read more »

Trail Camera Test 2014

New Cuddeback camera models are now available from the folks at Non-Typical, Inc.  The Long-Range IR E2 camera has an infra-red flash with a range of 100 feet, HD video capabilities, camera settings of 20mp, and more.  Cuddeback’s Black Flash E3 has most of the same features, but its range is limited to 50 feet.  The E3 emits… Read more »

Is it Fall yet?

117 days until the annual North Dakota waterfowl trip. During this time I will provide reports on my scouting and outdoor adventures. Check out some of the pics that I collected this past weekend from the trail cameras.  I have also include a picture from a morning hunt in North Dakota from 2013.  Stay tuned…..

Trail Camera Pics

I checked the trail cameras and got several pictures of this buck! This picture is from the last week of June in SE Minnesota! We would like to see the pictures that you are getting on trail camera!!


Trail Cam Tips 1. Food and Minerals. Where legal, food and mineral attractants assure deer pause to have their picture taken. 2. Scents. Liquid food attractants (legal in most states) poured on stumps or logs can coax deer to linger for quality images. 3. Water. During warmer months, positioning near water is a sure bet… Read more »

The Back Forty

Right now is the perfect time to mow firebreaks that will be used for NEXT year’s spring burns!  A “firebreak” is a narrow strip of land that divides the target burn site from an area that you do not want to burn.  Some landowners choose to disk or till their firebreaks just prior to conducting prescribed… Read more »

The Back Forty

Just like most whitetail nuts, I can never get my fill of whitetail deer facts and figures. A few years ago, I enrolled in a QDMA Level I Steward course (I highly recommend the course by the way!) and here are a few “nuggets” of whitetail wisdom that I would like to share. In Texas,… Read more »