Kansas Bucks at Scent Crusher Ranch

Above the Game provides viewers with a high quality production that has a very unique cinematic twist. Throughout this series we dig deep into the souls of each hunter and paint a clear picture of each pro-staff member so viewers get the opportunity to understand, relate, and become part of the hunt. Above the Game pro-staffers show their hardcore passion, desire, and urge that ultimately drives them to all ends of the earth in pursuit of wild game.

Above The Game holds all pro-staff to firm guidelines which call for an intense focus on putting out the highest quality production, while still showing the viewer the reality of the hunt. Whatever we are hunting, you will never hear any excuses out of this crew, the Above the Game team flat out gets the job done! So sit down, buckle up, and be prepared for an adventure you can’t miss. As always, we promise to deliver the most intense, high quality footage the industry has to offer!

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We stand out because we are very fortunate to have our own production studio.

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