Sick Time-Lapses Made Easy

Set up GoPro on a POV Ground Stake next to the spot you are hunting and let it run a time-lapse while your focusing on your task at hand which is huntin and killin big bucks. Gives you, the field producer, a hands free way to grab some really cool B-Roll.

Here is a shot from a silo in KS next to the lodge at Kansas Farmland Outfitters. In this particular clip we stuck the ol’ Go Pro Hero 3+ on my Flow-Mow on top of the Campbell Cameras POV Ground Stake and let it roll while we we went to town for lunch.(unedited footage) I set up another Go Pro, only intention being to focus on the tools being used in the other time-lapse in action, with my hope being I could visually illustrate to everyone just how easy it is.

↓↓↓ If this doesn’t make you want to take your outdoor production to the next level. I don’t know what will.

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