Shoot 100 turkeys with a bow ✅

“This hunt started 30 years ago when nothing was really known on how to bow hunt turkeys. I remember being mocked at DNR turkey seminars that turkeys would never approach a ground blind. Go figure they knew what they were talking about. A tremendous amount of time has been spent in the blinds, and I have shared the blind with many friends. The memories of all the hunts throughout the USA have been incredible. Remembering the hours spent in conferences and speaking in front of legislators to pass a special archery turkey hunting season in Minnesota was a great accomplishment for Minnesota bow hunters. Believe it or not, the Minnesota NWTF Board of Directors tried to stop any special archery turkey hunting being passed. Spring turkey hunting will test your patience as mine has been stretched a 100 times. But springtime means turkey time. So let’s get outside and wait to listen for that morning roosted Tom.” – Marty Stubstad

#100 was a beautiful Merriam weighing 23.7 lbs. Thank you to Shannon and Suz for putting up with us for another fun trip. Thank you Tactacam for giving us the ability to capture many angles of this hunt on film so we can relive this moment forever.

Marty dedicated his 2020 Nebraska turkey hunt in memory of friend Bob Highet. Bob hunted with him a few years ago in Nebraska and scored his first Merriam. Bob will be missed dearly.